A comfortable house for live in

Mr. T, Komae City, Tokyo
Family composition Husband, wife, 2 children

Mr. T said they were suffering from condensation in the apartment they used to live in. What kind of quality did he wanted particularly about in building a house?

He want to build a house made of natural materials.

He wanted to build a new house with “sunny” and “well-ventilation”. Also, he and his children had atopy, so he thought that “natural materials” would be good. He wanted to find a company that could do that.

The solid wood floor feels good

気持ちのいい家 東京都狛江市 Tさん

He said,

“I made the floor solid wood flooring.
It feels good to walk barefoot.
It’s completely different when I walked on ordinary flooring “

“When I got home, I was surprised when I entered the entrance.
The moment I opened the door, I was a little surprised.
It’s cool in summer. It feels warm in winter.”

” It feels great in the morning.
Morning light enters the stairs and living room
The stucco wall is exposed to light
It’s very beautiful and the atmosphere is good.
In the morning, when I come up from the bedroom on the first floor to the second floor
It feels really good.”

“Those who came to our house,when they went up this stairs and entered the living room
They says “Wow”.
The ceiling is high and the light that hits the wall is very good ……
is often said.”

“When the house was completed and I entered inside for the first time
I thought it was like a Greek cityscape.
I was happy.
When the sunlight from the window hits
It looks so beautiful and I also like the feeling of being shaded at night.”

気持ちのいい家 東京都狛江市 Tさん
気持ちのいい家 東京都狛江市 Tさん

“I have hay fever in early spring, so I have to dry the laundry indoors.
When I lived in a condominium, it was hard to dry, there was condensation, and I was stressed.
But now I don’t care. I’m happy with that.

I haven’t seen any condensation since I came to this house.
Even if I hang the laundry indoors, I’m happy that the air inside the house doesn’t get moist and there is no smell.
The eldest son’s atopy has also improved considerably.”

気持ちのいい家 PAC住宅

Reasons for chose Air Cycle Housing

“At first, I read the book “Luxury house to live in the essence.”
I liked the photo in the book because it was close to my image.
So, I saw the house that was actually built and thought it was really good.
Not only was it a natural material, but it was also close to my taste in terms of design.
It was good that it didn’t feel like a mountain lodge.”

The secret to successful home building

“I want to do this …
I think it’s best to tell them all for the time being.
It’s a shame that I regret that I should have done this later.
Whether it can be achieved or not
Try to put out all the “I want to do this” once.
Maybe there are better suggestions than that.”

“I look at magazines and friends’ homes,
I gave a list of my thoughts and wishes, “I like this” and “I want to do it like this . “

“I looked at magazines and friends homes,
“This match my taste”and “I want to do it like that”. I made a list of my thoughts and wishes.”

“An outlet for a charger for an electric bicycle in a entrance place and the depth of the shelves in the washroom, and so on.”

“So, we asked them to think together and give us some advice.
I think that the way the light enters and the position of the windows are more effective than I expected, and I am satisfied with the house.”

Interview / text Shouda Junko


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