A house that does not require an outlet for air conditioning

(Mr. S, Saga Prefecture, built in 1997)  book 「The real house I finally met」

It’s been 6 years since I moved in.

Living in a PAC house, I am keenly aware of its grace and splendor.

Focusing on the fact that the cause of health threats is in a house without ventilation, I decided to make a healthy house if I build a new one, and decided to make a barrier-free house because both of them will reach old age.

When I actually lived in it, it was a house that can be switched between summer type and winter type, and there was no humidity, and I hardly used the air conditioner in summer and winter.

Actually, there was no outlet for the air conditioner at the time of construction. However, I hurriedly asked for the installation because I thought it would be difficult to install the outlet after construction. The previous house (more than 100 years old) is aging, and a cooler in the summer and a fan heater in the winter were indispensable.

Even after 6 years, the temperature change in the house and the ventilation are the same as when it was newly built.

Visitors often say “It’s cool!” or “It’s warm!” in both summer and winter.

Especially in winter, the temperature difference from the outside air is 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, so you can spend your time comfortably with just a KOTATSU.

Even though it does not use power in both summer and winter, there is a natural flow of air, and the softness of the wood surrounds the house, which makes it really comfortable, healthy, and economically helpful.

And, indirect lighting is also used, which, combined with the soft color of the wood grain in the room, creates a warm atmosphere and heals both the mind and body.

We are delighted to have made a PAC house that is kind to people and nature.


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