A house where you can live without opening the window ?

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There is a house where you can live a comfortable and healthy life without opening the window.

Highly airtight, highly insulated and planned ventilation house, 365 days a year, 24 hours mechanical ventilation. It is said that it is controlled without opening the windows for ventilating.

The only window that has a connection with nature in a house. The visual connection and the warmth of the sun come from the opening. The sun shining through the winter glass is a great gift from heaven.

When it’s not cold, I want to open the windows and take a deep breath in my house.

No matter how clever the planned ventilation , it is not as good as the natural ventilation. This is because the flow of air and the movement of wind in nature cannot be calculated by human ability at this stage. It is almost impossible to control nature.

I think it is possible to artificially control ventilation and thermal environment if the building is built so that it is not affected by nature at all。

But unfortunately this is not possible. Even if the influence from the window is cut off, the building will always be under pressure when the wind blows over the earth, affecting the ventilation of the room.

Even if you don’t rely on machines for everything, if you think the air is stagnant, open the windows and ventilate. I think our own body sensor is much better.

I often hear that the natural air is dirty and the outside air is dirty, so we have to rely on mechanical ventilation.

However, sick house syndrome is a story of a building in the city center. A high-rise building where windows cannot be opened, and the temperature and ventilation were artificially controlled.

People complaining of physical problems were seen one after another here. This is the beginning of multiple chemical sensitivity. Just looking at these facts makes me feel the limits of machine control.

Some say that the machine is sure to ventilate, so it is safe.
Is that really so?
In the case of a machine, it functions as calculated by itself.

However, when it is built into the building, the situation changes completely. Even if the air is expelled from the exhaust port by the power of the machine, it does not mean that the air in the entire room is replaced.

Even coolers and heaters always create a temperature difference in the room. There will always be places where ventilation is provided and places where it does not reach.

It can be said that the ventilation of nature is excellent.

By arranging the windows so that there is no place in the living space where the wind cannot be blown through, the room can be ventilated evenly instead of the air flow such as a short circuit caused by mechanical ventilation.

However, no matter how many windows there are, a window that does not open has no meaning. In addition, It can’t be helped by the floor plan that does not allow the wind to blow through even if the window is opened.

The rhythm of our living body moves with the rhythm of nature.

The flow of time of life exists only when the sun rises and the sun sets. It is said that the human body feels pain from various stimuli.

I think the heart is the same. I think that sensitivity is nurtured from the stimulus from human relationships and the contact with nature.

There are always windows in both homes and buildings.

Every Japanese person wants to have as large an opening as possible.

A feeling of openness where you can see the outside, a fusion with nature.

A house in an environment that is difficult to accept nature, sandwiched between buildings, is trying to get in touch with nature by making skylights and looking up at the sky, planting trees and creating a small ※tsubo-niwa so that you can enjoy it through the windows.

※ Tsubo-niwa: A small garden surrounded by buildings in the mansion. courtyard.

The very hot summer months and very cold winter months are unexpectedly short. I want you to open the window and enjoy the scent of the seasons brought by the natural breeze and the breath of life.

Book “The real house I finally met”

Reiko Wakabayashi
(2008.9 deceased.)


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