A new disease called sick house syndrome. It’s still not gone.

New housing、new construction disease does not go away
I think there are many people who wonder why not.
Because everyone and every house builders are talking about a healthy house.

For example, that house is

It’s probably because they don’t look at the essence, they just do it habitually

For example, the house

is a well-ventilated floor plan?

is the air flowing in the space under the floor, inside the walls, or in the attic?

is just mechanical ventilation?

is the sunlight blocked by the middle corridor?

isn’t the private room the main?

Do your children often went home without your knowledge?

is a floor plan that does not happen face-to-face after a couple quarrel?

Even if your family is at home. Is it a house that feels like it isn’t?

Isn’t the heated room hot and the corridors and toilets chilling?

Doesn’t it feel too dry when heated?

Do you have 4 or 5 coolers?

Isn’t the second floor hot?

Is the loft too hot?

Isn’t the room stuffy?

Doesn’t it smell like chemicals?

Do you feel something is wrong even though you don’t smell chemicals?

Are you taking measures against termites with drugs?

Is the wood preservative treated with chemicals?

When a new house is in this state
It’s no wonder that a new sick house syndrome

Natural materials need to be used alive.

If you do not use it in a place where it can touch the flowing air or breathe, it will be easier for rotting fungi to grow, and it will also attract mold and mites.

The cause of atopy and allergies was the house itself

As a countermeasure, pesticides and chemical substances such as fungicides are used in building materials as a countermeasure against mold and mites.

This created the problem of multiple chemical sensitivity.

Nowadays, the technology to eliminate the odor of pesticides and chemical substances has been developed , so the problem is becoming more serious as it is latent.

In any case, in order to prevent mold and mites on natural materials, it is a general rule to use natural materials in a well-ventilated place.

Most of them are not used in that way, so the problem is getting more and more complicated.

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