Basically the same for home remodeling and new construction

Home remodeling has once been seen at a much lower level.
For that reason, the resident ’ s awareness of remodeling was low, and some of the remodeling companies were sloppy.

Even if it ’s not that bad, the awareness and thoughts about remodeling were so sloppy that the skill was low, and many craftsmen did not reach technically superior.

Furthermore, when it comes to things that are not in the catalog, such as natural materials, the situation is that it can only be said to be sloppy, irresponsible.

In the coming era, that sloppy is unacceptable.
Remodeling also requires proper thinking and philosophy.

PAC is building a healthy and passive house based on the philosophy of “touching the flowing air” that has been cultivated since 1977.

Based on the philosophy and technology of “touching the flowing air,” we are working on not only detached houses but also skeleton remodeling of condominiums.

House building, new construction and remodeling are basically the same

The building resembles the human body. It is important that the skeleton does not rot, such as the foundations, columns, and beams that are structural materials.
For humans, it is one of the important things not to get osteoporosis.

The basics are the same for home building, new construction and remodeling.
It is an accumulation of human skills. In order not to fail, face-to-face relationships and people’s hearts are important points.
The protagonist is the owner. It is surprisingly rare that this natural thing is done.

In many cases, the natural things that aim to realize the life, thoughts, sensibilities, dreams, and outlook on life of the owner are not done.

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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