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Battle! Two-family house

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I feel that it is more likely that a house can be built that suits the actual situation if you give up the idea that the relationship between the bride and the mother-in-law go well.

What I always wonder is that when you get married, you usually call each parent a father and a mother. This in itself may not be so easy. If you think that a very intimate and reliable senior has appeared, I think that the relationship with your parents will be easier.

When I call them fathers and mothers, I don’t think comparing them with my blood-related parents, but I will get some dissatisfaction with them.

Parents are the same too, and they can’t think of it at the same level as their cute son or daughter. The more they expect and try to do so, the less it will last.

Given the motives of the two households, the result may be that this should not have been the case unless the parents were calm.

This is because, looking at the recent cases of two households, most of them live together after rebuilding their parents’ homes. In the metropolitan area, economic reasons come first.

Rather than caring for their parents’ old age and supporting them to continue to grow mentally, it is more realistic and to make their lives a reality.

Reality is reality, but there was even a son who had planned to make it in two households and lend it to someone after his parents died.

Moreover, because he told it to the parents, his parents got angry from the beginning, and eventually the house building was put on hold.

The parents wouldn’t expect much, but somewhere in their heart they think they might be taken care of in old age, or even if they are think ing about after their death, It would be unpleasant to be told so blatantly.

There are still some pitiful cases. Even though the children are not willing to live together, there are parents who are thinking about building a house for two households with the expectation.

If we look away from the reality of how each other perceives these various thoughts as reality, building a two-family house is likely to fail. I think we have to coolly discuss what kind of life we want to live, not what our motives are, whether we are on good terms or not.

The more calm you are, the more you can do a communal life, and in some cases the dining room and bath can be used together. I think we can set rules for each other and live a fairly rational life.

Being rational is not the same as being coolness . Rather, I think the failure started when you became a relative, became ambiguous, and hesitated to express your thoughts.

When you have trouble, you tell each other the selfish belief that it shouldn’t have been this way. In short, that’s what you say when you’re disappointed. It does not mean that you should not expect it from the beginning, but mutual recognition is necessary so as not to disappoint.

I’ve been telling you what the couple’s bedroom and children’s room should be, but it’s not a form. There is a relationship where even two completely separated households can have friendly exchanges, and sometimes they are too conscious of the form of living together and make a distance more than others in the neighborhood.

In two households that have a lot of shared space, there are cases where they regret each other, and cases where they get to know each other while fighting.

It is difficult for a couple to understand each other, Even more so impossible to understand the way of life of their parents. Respect each other, I wish I could look straight at the good and the bad point.

For example, if a mother has a job and lives with their parent, she will expect that their parent will take good care of her child. Even if their parent usually say, “I’ll take care of your child whenever you are busy,” it would be very difficult in reality.

Parents may be able to love their grandchildren once in a while, but when they have to take care of their supper almost every night, they start complaining, “Our bride is …”.

In order to prevent this from happening, you would better to discuss in advance that living together will change the way your live.

Even so, once you actually start your life, you should think that something that you could not have predicted in advance will definitely happen.

In such a case, correct the trajectory immediately and stay it in your mind and avoid complaining or sarcasm.

If you keep complaining and sarcastic, the person who is complaining will end up in a life full of complains and have a sarcastic personality.


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