Building a house by thinking for yourself, not the common sense of the world

A variety of family portraits can be seen in the process of creating a new living space called a house. This is where the magic that lives in people’s hearts sometimes comes out.

The construction of a house raises questions about the seemingly happy family and the life that everyone in the family has taken for granted.

Each family member who has lived together for a long time brings out a face they had never noticed before, that they were thinking about this or that they had this side to them.

The dissatisfaction and accumulated things that had been hidden until now are raised in the form of requests when the transition to a new life takes place.

Building a house makes you think about your family as a family, even if you don’t want to. It may not be that they have been neglecting the house or the family, but each of them will turn their attention to the life that was not so important.

In order for the family’s mind to move in a positive direction, I would like them to first open their minds and build a house.

Looking at oneself and reevaluating one’s life in relation to one’s family may at times result in extreme frictions. However, it can also put a stop to the inertia of human relationships caused by the passage of time.

The reason why people say that building a house is one of the biggest events in their life is not only because of the economic aspect.

A home is created based on respect for the individual and a common awareness of each other.
The home is the place where the life of each family member and the organic interlocking of individuals is reflected in the form of life.

That is why the basis of building a house is to start by looking at your own style of living.

However, there are a surprising number of cases where people start building a house to fit their family lifestyle, but end up with a family lifestyle that fits the shape of the house.

Why is that? Various desires that arise when thinking about building a home. Spaces, equipment, furniture, and interior design that have never existed in our homes before. ……

We want to break away from our current lifestyle, and we turn to the ideal life we have pictured in our minds.

As the ideal life and the real life intersect, we may lose sight of the style of life in which we feel most at home, the form of food and the form of family gatherings.

Furthermore, information about various types of housing makes us lose sight of our own lives. The purpose of commercials is to appeal to our subconscious and brainwash us.

That’s why, if we lose the attitude of thinking for ourselves, we will be swept away by the lifestyle proposals preached from various perspectives.

Surprisingly, there are many people who don’t have the habit of thinking for themselves, not just when it comes to building houses. When they are strongly told to do so by others, they think it is just like that. And when they hear strong opinions to the contrary, they think so too.

Pointing out their weaknesses, but they don’t realize that they are being swayed by the opinions of others. Eventually, they will begin to see other people’s opinions as if they were their own.

Thinking for yourself is synonymous with asking yourself where your own thoughts are. In other words, it is a way of looking at oneself. And I believe that we should always be aware of the problems we face and improve ourselves.

Thinking about building a house with your own brain and looking at your own life may mean how to improve yourself and how to cultivate human relationships that can improve each other.

The building of a house may be a good opportunity to look at each other’s inner life from the point of view of a family, but also as human beings.

Reiko Wakabayashi (September 2008, Deceased)
From the book, “A House Built on a Couple’s Feelings about Life.”


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