Building a house, clean, rich and beautiful

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Building a house. If the motive is impure, the result will be different even if you aim for the same purpose.

In modern society, home building is a big economic activity. The same is true for individuals, housing companies, related manufacturers and craftsmen.

A blunder in the second half of the 20th century. It put too much economic activity at the center of everything. And what made us even more unsuccessful was that we simply acted by believing that the purpose of economic activity was to make money straight away.

As a result, the pollution of the whole earth, the extinction of many life species, the incidents that appeared in the bodies and minds of children, the hunger of the minds increased even though the things were filled, and so many negatives happened.

The world is facing a major shift. It’s not just the work of great philosophers, scientists, religious person and politicians. A major transformation from the ground up can only occur from the daily lives of each of us. After reconsidering the way of life and changing the life from where it can be done, a big change will take root.

Looking back on the 20th century, it is undeniable that many of us were deprived of our hearts by goods and money. We are, without exception, one of the accomplices who caused the negative phenomenon of the second half of the 20th century.

Escape from that hellish pictorial situation. The keyword is “clean, rich and beautiful.”

Many of us are not philosophers, scientists, religious person or politicians. The so-called common people. Even the common people live their daily lives. Anyone can do a little change in their daily lives. Let’s change the way of thinking that underlies our lives.

Why don’t you try incorporating “clean, rich and beautiful” into your daily life?

In our case, our job is to build a house. The principle of economic activity to build the house is set to “clean, rich and beautiful.” As a result, the need for real intentions and tatemae, back and front, which are often associated with economic activity, is eliminated. We can create a consistent state based on honesty.

At work, you don’t have to lie about your heart.

There should be no such comfort for the human mind. It will be easier if it becomes “clean”. However, until now, he dared to choose a difficult path.

“Pure” also indicates the state of mind of such workers. Working is a collaboration with many people. This relationship brings a lot of joy, but the reality creates more suffering.

This suffering will be alleviated considerably if the idea of “cleanliness” is adopted well. For both yourself and the other person, if you always aim for a “clean” mind, the coefficient of friction associated with human relationships will decrease considerably.

And building a house. This epic, long-term, complex series of comprehensive tasks.

If this work were to be carried out on the basis of the money-making philosophy of the second half of the 20th century, the source of anxiety would be endless. And the fact in front of us is one of the economic activities that are covered with money and muddy, which is a sad reality in the home building industry.

In our house building, we want to escape from it, work honestly, do not want to create contradictions in our hearts by working, and want to build a good house that fits the essence.

Creating a “clean” house. Technically, materially, and humanly. I want to make my job fun and easy. Richness comes from purity.

The material richness of modern life is far from fulfilling. The more you have, the more you want it.

More, more, more … and nothing left. The heart is not filled with things.

I think that the richness of home building is born from the “clean” feelings of everyone involved in home building. At least if your primary goal is to make money, you can’t really get it.

“Pure” leads to “richness”. The number of people involved in building a house is quite large, so I believe that if such thoughts gradually permeate, it will help to break away from a society that is all about making money.

As long as we are humans, we have a living body, so naturally we also need material sufficiency. If so, how wonderful it would be if we could pursue material abundance that would satisfy our hearts at the same time. Perhaps the most sought after work is one that does not betray one’s own heart and that does not create a contradiction between the true intention and the tatemae.

The affluence that arises from that purity will eventually take root as an economic principle. I entrust such a dream to the job of building a house. And, in fact, the fact that you can do a lot of things is a good thing about the job of building a house.

A beautiful house is one of my big dreams, but I admire a more beautiful way of life and a beautiful heart. Only by living “purely and affluently” can life itself and the person look beautiful.

“Pure, rich and beautiful” has such a feeling. It is a theme for us to work. Let’s live like that and try to build such a healthy house.


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