Building a house that aims to be independent until the end

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I think that it is the most dignified way of life for each elderly person to aim for independence until the end, and to support the mind and body of such elderly people is the original purpose of barrier-free.

It would be not so good idea to introduce large-scale equipment to the elderly who are now healthy in advance for maybe be in a wheelchair in the future. I think it’s more important to prepare a little environment so that they can do their own thing by themselves.

If it is a little inconvenient, they will manage to cover it so that they can move by themselves. Since the degree of aging and the strength of each person vary greatly from person to person, it is impossible to think about it all at once.

Needless to say, by the time the baby boomer generation is aging, it may be difficult to plan a life that relies on insurance and pensions.

If you want to protect your own life, you have to protect your physical health and keep your brain working properly. If normal physical strength is maintained, the retired life is still too early after retirement, and if you leave the society too soon, men may rather promote blurring.

The question is how to create social connections after retirement. It would be great if they could make use of their special skills and what they are good at . There is also a world of hobbies and volunteers. If it’s okay not to make money but to protect your own living, you’ll be able to live refreshingly.

Although having a connection with society, if staying away from the world of money and things as much as possible, they will be able to live a healthy life.

Life changes greatly depending on whether they think they will do it by themselves or that they think they will eventually be taken care of by someone in the future. I see families who accept the selfishness of the elderly and live with them, but I think this is a big problem.

The Japanese expression “an elderly but still child” includes the meaning of an adult who has approached a saint, who has gained a long life experience, purified various human desires, and has become able to see something as pure as a child. I think that is.

I hear that because they are so elderly, no matter what they are advised it doesn’t change them and on the contrary, they are sorry by that.

But I don’t think this kind of treatment will be compassion for the person, and the person who says it will end up living a similar life. I don’t think it should be dismissed as “an elderly but still child” in order to have a good death, rather than dismissing it as a problem of the person’s own consciousness level.

Whether or not you can die well depends on how you lived your life. That is why how you have lived with people is a big factor.

No matter how many family members you live with, children leave the house independently , and even if you are a married couple, I think you have to live with the awareness that you will be alone someday. If you are single or married but have no children, you will inevitably take your future life seriously.

I would like to say that it is disqualified as a parent, no, as a human being to rely on their children from the beginning. I think that the attitude of not relying on children and relatives will result in the growth of children and will be a good stimulus for elderly people who have never thought about how to live independently.

Nowadays, there is no hope of natural death at home, but if you want to be healthy not only physically but also mentally until you die, it will be far from being realized if you wish to rely on someone to live.

Dignity death, this is not the moment of death, but until the moment of death, how well you have lived. Unfortunately, even if I die at the hospital, I hope that the moment will be the pinnacle of growth in my life.

By the way, I am also helping to create a house for living alone. There were men and women, but neither was required to be designed for future wheelchairs.

Some will make condominiums with care for the elderly the final home of the future. In addition, an increasing number of elderly people are moving away from the city center, living in nature, and jumping into a world that is almost self-sufficient and has a completely different flow of time.

Regardless of the environment or way of life, I think it is the mission of a person who was born in this world to continue to grow until they dies.

Reiko Wakabayashi (2008.9 deceased)
From the book “The Real House I Finally Met”


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