Building a house where you play the leading role

Who is the protagonist of building a house?

The owner is the protagonist, isn’t it?

But the reality is different.

Custom-built houses are also advocated at the housing exhibition hall, but major houses are mass-produced. Naturally, there is a considerable limit to responding to the owner’s free orders.

For mass-produced houses, for production efficiency, it is inevitable to select a certain range of materials and equipment to be designed and used. Out of that range, you may be offered a ridiculously high price. It is a so-called refusal price.
In particular, their true intention is that they do not want to do things that are not on their production line, such as natural materials and healthy construction methods.

In a sense, this is an easy way to build a house, but it’s more like “buying a house” than “building a house.” It may be an easy and good system for those who do not want to spend effort on building a house and who are not so enthusiastic and rather lazy.

On the other hand, there are many great architects who are well known, but you should think of them as branded products. They will listen to the owner, but they often end up with an architect-branded house that doesn’t meet the owner’s wishes.

Many people will yearn for such a famous architect, but in this case, the protagonist is unlikely to be you, the owner. You’ve fallen in love with architects and tend to leave it to the architects, and as a result, it’s like buying a well-known brand, haute couture, or a designer brand.

So to speak, building a house in the exhibition hall is like ready-to-wear.

I often hear that they built a house there because they liked the salesman, but if you’re not very particular about housing, that’s fine with that. However, if you want to build a house that suits your life, this is also out of the question.

“Building a house where you play the leading role” will be more steady.

The house will be a reflection of the owner, “your life.”

Life is everyday and will not be so glamorous.
Looking at each family’s unique conditions, such as how to make such daily life healthy, comfortable, and enjoyable, the floor plan, construction method, materials used, design, etc., the owner’s life, family relationships, and the place where they build.

I think that building a house where the owner plays the leading role and you play the leading role is building a house with the energy that the resident and the maker work together to create.

We at PAC hope to continue to “build a house where the owner plays the leading role”.

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