Buildings have a major impact on mental and physical health

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Bad effects on the body

Sick house
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

It is caused by volatile organic compounds such as insect repellents and preservatives contained in building materials.


Molds and mites caused by the humidity of the building are allergens.

Myocardial infarction

From warm rooms to cold corridors and toilets.
The temperature difference in the building is the trigger.

Poor physical condition

If you are not feeling well for a long time, the building may be one of the causes.

Bad effects on the mind

The family falls apart

“○ LDK”, which is synonymous with Japanese floor plans.
A plan centered on private rooms with the flow line of the middle corridor.
You can live in even if your family fall apart each other.

There are few chances of reconciliation.

t’s awkward after scolding a child and after a quarrel between a couple, but if the floor plan allows the family to meet naturally, the chances of reconciliation will increase.

Love-hate conflict

Soup does not get cold
A sense of distance that is neither too close nor too far away. It ’s also important for relationships in the home.


The stress of everyday life that comes from the way the house is built may be quite high.


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