Do you have the following request for remodeling?

I want to make the floor plan of a private room a spacious space.

I want to raise the ceiling.
I want to create a stairwell.
I want to create a connected and spacious space.

I want to reduce the use of machinery and equipment as much as possible.

Even when using it, I don’t want to blow the air from the air conditioner or heating directly to my body, and I also want to save energy.

I want to improve my Sick house.

Whenever the season is good, I want natural ventilation.

Even if the windows are open, I want to prevent people from invading and rain from blowing in.

I want to use a lot of solid wood, which is safe and healthy.

I want to make the bathroom a solid wood ceiling or wall.

I want to use materials that do not use chemical substances, such as adhesives.

I want to use real plaster. (Most of the plaster walls are mixed with chemicals.)

I want to safely prevent termites and cockroaches, In a way that does not harm health or pollute the environment.

I want to be barrier-free.

I want to make the house easy to long-term care for.

I want to make a safe staircase.

I want to dry the laundry, in the house.

I want to create a soundproof room and a music room.

I want to make a well-designed house.


in Japanese
A relaxing space with high-quality natural materials and a well-ventilated floor plan
Renovation of light, wind and natural materials


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