Do you have the following troubles in your current residence?

Due to changes in the family structure, such as the independence of children, it has become difficult to live in the current floor plan.

Many rooms are not used.

There are many closed rooms, and damp.

The kitchen is not easy to use.

Even though there is an extra room, the space I always use is small.

Since it is an old house, it may be vulnerable to disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

I want to safely prevent rot and termites from adversely affecting my health and the environment, and live in as long as possible.

The second floor is irresistibly hot in the summer.

It’s cold in winter. My feet get cold.

Not only window glass, there is also condensation on the walls.

Mold grows.

The temperature difference between the first and second floors and the rooms is large and uncomfortable.

Only vinyl cloth and plywood flooring, it is uncomfortable to live in.

Because of the floor plan, there are many dark places even in the daytime.

There are many places with poor ventilation, probably because of the middle corridor.

The sound echoes.

I’m worried about the sound of the piano.

I can hear the outside sounds well.

There are many steps and it is dangerous.

I often think that it is dangerous on the stairs.

The corridors and toilets are narrow and difficult to long-term care for.

I’m worried about crime prevention.

I was put in a thief.


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