Doesn’t building a current house require a carpenter?

Can a house be built without a carpenter?
People who are called “※Daihachi” by playing with “※Daiiku” without having technology are building houses .
Rather, it is assembled.
Shortening the construction period, rationalization, cost performance, whatever it may be expressed, the purpose is nothing but how to create a house that is easy to handle.

※ A carpenter is called DAIKU in Japanese. The pronunciation of DAIKU is the same as the 9th in Japanese. DAIHACHI is the 8th.
Since 8 is less than 9 in number, DAIHACHI is less than DAIKU in number,, that is, DAIHACHI is a technically inferior carpenter.

Everything making by hand is from superb to the appalling. Sure, it’s good if it’s a superb house, but it’s a problem if it’s a appalling house.

Quality stabilization and uniformity have come to be planned with the aim of being far from the superb but not appalling.
The direction is to eliminate as much as possible what is made by hand on site and produce at the factory.
Moreover, it is possible to assemble according to the manual like a plastic model so that anyone can be involved in the field.
So you don’t need a carpenter. It’s ok even ” ※ Daihachi”.

If the craftsman’s skills cannot be utilized in the field, house building will definitely decline.
Not only carpenters but also plasterers will lose their skills if the number of jobs decreases.
The fact that carpenters are getting older and the number of young craftsmen who will succeed them is decreasing.

If the number of house-building that requires skill decreases and they have to do work that they do not want as a subcontractor as a craftsman, they will be corrupted unless they are very conscious.
I hear that their hands going to get used to the easy work and it is difficult to return to the old work.
Even so, there are still many carpenters who are as enthusiastic as fish that get water when they hit a convincing job.

If you think about it, all the clothes, food, and housing are shifting from making to buying.
Nowadays, there are almost no people who make clothes or hand-knit sweaters on a daily basis.
At the price of buying fabrics and yarn, you can buy ready-made clothes and sweaters.
The effort, time, and cost do not worth it at all. Nowadays, people who make clothes may be a hobby or a profession.

However, with regard to food, the problem becomes quite serious in terms of its relationship with health.

Even as I walk around the city, I can see many restaurants that claim to be home-cooked. In the old days, the side dishes were felt the warmth of the mother’s hands, and now any side dishes are sold in Japanese, Western, and Chinese styles.

Eating home-cooked meals outside, or buying ready-made side dishes and arranging them on the table, I don’t want you to make it a habit.
No matter how busy you are, and I don’t want it to be taken for granted, especially for the younger generation.

Because, too much rationality is pursued and human health is ignored.

At least I want you to start cooking by selecting the ingredients.
I don’t know what is used for seasoning, I don’t know if the color and scent are natural.
And even though I haven’t used a vacuum pack, the freshness isn’t bad for some reason, and the storage stability is strangely good……. Be careful.

It’s safe, delicious, and easy to cook using natural ingredients and materials without spending time, effort, or money.
And if it’s seasonal things, it’s nutritious and should match your body’s biorhythm.

Because people and food are breathing in the same providence of nature.

In a world where you can buy anything, you can use your wisdom to regain your health without spending time, effort, and money.
This act of eating is at least two or three times a day,

Whether you can move your body comfortably every day?
Can you keep your head sharp?
Please be aware of the importance of eating.

And I want you to pay more attention to making and eating than now.
If you like eating, it’s surprisingly easy to improve your dining table and your meal times.

If you eat deliciously and enjoyably, the nutrients contained in the food will be fully effective.
On the other hand, if you just eat munching in a dark mood and you are eating with someone who happens to be present outside, I think the nutritional value of food will never be utilized and I feel sorry for the food.

I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the waves of the times because food and housing are directly linked to health.

I would like to convey the warmth of things made by human hands, the sense of security that you can see the face of the person who made it, and the importance of such things to the world of housing.

Reiko Wakabayashi (2008.9 deceased)

From the book “The real house I finally met”


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