Faith in machines that lost “Build a house”

The number of things that leave a feeling of hands around us is steadily decreasing. Moreover, there is a shift from natural materials to chemical products. Despite the fact that the issue of endocrine disrupters has become such a big topic, many of the miscellaneous goods in our homes are plastic products.

The price is low, it is disposable when it gets dirty, and the capacity of the earth is limited like a house. What has overflowed from the house has been thrown away to the earth, and the earth is already unable to digest.

Handmade items, such as tableware and interior products, are more expensive than mass-produced items. However, I still use the ones made from natural materials that give me the warmth, and I feel more attached to them, and the more I use them, the more they taste.

I think one of the reasons why chemical products are so flooded is that they are easy to handle.

For example, chemical clothing that can be washed in a washing machine and does not require an iron.

If you use plastic chopsticks or bowls, you can wash the dishes in the dishwasher without worrying about it. That’s not the case with lacquer ware. However, I think that whether or not you have touched the real thing from a young age has a great influence on the aesthetic sense of adulthood and the value judgment of what is important.

It’s the same with what you wear, and the tableware that you see it several times every day and touches your hands and mouth, I want you to use non-mass-produced tableware. You will become fond of it.

Certainly, there are a lot of really convenient machinery and equipment in the house. A fully automatic washing machine that when you switches on , it will do from washing to rinsing and drying.

Recently, there is one dishwasher in one family. A funny story about this dishwasher, it is that the husband is wanting to buy it. He says that this will make it easier to clean up. I feel that the times has changed. I’m secretly hoping that the two of us will stand in the kitchen from making the meal to cleaning up.

When you enter the bathtub, soap comes out with a single switch, and it will wash your body like a massage, wash in the shower, and finally dry with warm air. It will be soon such an era.
The mechanization that is now commonplace, but it was once done by human hands. There are various vending machines now, but until now, it were handed from hand to hand, where conversations were held.

We don’t use our hands, we don’t need words, and as a result, we gradually lose our thoughts, and it seems that creativity is missing, which is scary. I think it’s a sign that becoming commonplace, getting used to it, and becoming an inertial life that can’t live freshly every day.

Life around us is mechanized, and the living environment that is the vessel of our lives becomes an inorganic space that loses human sensibility, and the living environment will be almost the same throughout the year, neither cold nor hot.
If that happens, the natural human sensor will surely become dull.
To prevent this from happening, I think it’s better to consider equipment such as kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms a little later.
I think it’s better to think first about the essential parts such as how to build a house and the use of natural materials.

However, the latest equipment comes with a lot of optional features that you wonder if you’ll really use, and the price goes up, and you can’t really use it, and worse, it’s prone to breakdowns, and in some cases, you may even have to replace parts that still work.

You can open and close the curtains, turn on and off the air conditioner when you are away from home, and set up electrical devices without using human hands.

This kind of life is not friendly to the elderly, but rather makes them less adaptable to life and, in the end, promotes blurriness.

Just put out your hand and the water will come out. If you get used to this, you will forget to turn off the water when you turn on the faucet to use it.
If flushing the toilet is automated, it will be the norm. It is a wonder that people do not become blur, even if they are not elderly.

In order not to dull our sensors, it is important not to have machines in the house that do everything for us. It is very important to move around in the house, and if we spend all our time in an artificially temperature-controlled space, our bodies will eventually stop feeling hot or cold.

The same is true for mechanical ventilation. If you become accustomed to the constant control of mechanical ventilation, you may forget to open the windows to ventilate. Even if the machine stops for some reason, the window may remain closed… I want to cherish every day when I can feel the outside air coming in through the window, breathe, and realize that I am breathing.

I would venture to say that machines are faster and more accurate than human hands. The only thing that scares me is that if we spend more time with machines than we do with people, the number of people who are uncomfortable with human relationships will increase. We are living in an age where people use e-mail more than talking on the phone, and even expressions of affection have been converted to text.

I think we are forgetting something important.

Reiko Wakabayashi (Deceased on Sep. 2008)
From the book, “The Real House I Finally Found


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