Family image is transforming

From the book “The real house I finally met”

There are so many different families.

Sister life. Life of mother and child. A house for two couples. Living alone.
Living with husband’s parents or living with wife’s parents in two households.

In some cases, unregistered men and women live together, and even married couples on the family register each have a house in their own name.

In addition, recently, living styles such as co-operative houses, such as living with nephews and nieces, and living together with the parents of each couple, have appeared.

Even if they have a similar family structure, the actual way of life is different.

Especially in the case of living with two households or one of the parents, the reason for living together, the intimacy of relationships, the difference in life style, and which one is economically taking the initiative, etc, the way of building a house will change dramatically.

It is not possible to judge whether it is good or bad no matter how it is made, and as a result, I think that a good family is good regardless of how the house is made.

Even in the couple’s bedroom, it seems that the form of a separate room has already taken root. However, even in the same room, there are unexpectedly many couples who have little interest in each other and there is almost no conversation.

On the contrary, even if they live apart, there are may couples and parents and children who can communicate well with each other, so it may be the family that cannot be judged from the shape of the house and the shape of life.

Building a house can be said to be a good opportunity to look at yourself and your family and make them think about what your family should be.

And I think that various new family images were probably created from the female side.

There is no doubt that the independence of individuals, or dare to say, the independence of women, is a major driving force.
In particular, the increasing number of women with financial independence in addition to mental independence has made this new form of family possible, and I think it has made a big ripple in the conventional concept of family.

Indeed, the advent of single mothers has changed the conventional notion of taking children and relying on their parents’ homes.

Moreover, she enjoys living with her children and lives in her own way. There is no concern or darkness for the world in the era called ※DEMODORI.

※a divorced woman (back at her parent’s house)

There used to be times when homes were unthinkable without the existence of a family to take over and live in. There, the eldest son was absolutely supposed to live in, and the eldest son’s wife was required to give birth and raise a child, which was taken for granted.

After a long history of ecdysis and liberation from such a patriarchal system, the word “house” that was associated with a feeling the shadow of the heavy shackles have disappeared In the 21st century when the children of the baby boomers have already entered the society.

After a long history of ecdysis and liberation from such a patriarchal system, the word “house” that was associated with a feeling the shadow of the heavy shackles have disappeared In the 21st century when the children of the baby boomers have already entered the society.

The days when women had to work forcibly in a male society are over. I feel that the social structure is becoming more balanced with the way that women work naturally and the men who support such women’s independence.

The parent-child relationship called a parasite single can also be seen as a manifestation of a new family relationship, not just as a spoiled relationship. I think this is also one of the social phenomena that makes us think about the form of marriage again.

I feel that the relationship between the neighborhood has changed along with the change in the family. If the number of women working increases, the chance of contacts will inevitably decrease.

It is often said that in condominiums in the metropolitan area, even neighbors have little contact with each other, and even so, life is possible. It’s even an implicit rule that they don’t interfere with each other.

I want you to be a human society that the more people who have to go out their homes, the more they respect each other but do not interfere with each other. I want you to find a sense of distance that is neither too close nor too far away.

It makes me think about what a family is, what a home is, and what a house is for, by touching on the background and actual conditions of building houses for various families.

Regardless of the circumstances, as long as we build a house, I think everyone has the same desire to build a house that is convincing. So, I think it makes sense to look at this simple question, such as what to build a house for.

What kind of interaction will lead to growth for each other, regardless of whether you live with your partner or not. I want to see the relationship with my family from the same perspective. If you think about it seriously, you may be able to see a convincing image of your home in any form.

What kind of life do you want to live in one living space? If you go further with this question, you’ll probably come to the question of what you’re living for.

How do you perceive the relationships with various people who live or visit in the same space when building a house based on actual life, and what kind of time is shared with whom in what kind of space?
If you look at it from that point, I think you will naturally be able to create a house of your own way of life.

I like my family but I hate my family life. I heard the story somewhere. It’s probably because the family seems to be a kind of shackle.
If so, you just want to get rid of the hassle.
Personality and a way of life that is unique of you, it is often interpreted that it is ok something is selfish, but that is completely different.

In order to create a convincing house, I would like to think more simply about the family relationship that seems to be mysterious, from the point of view of why we live together.

Reiko Wakabayashi (2008.9 deceased)
Books: A real house that I finally met


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