Family landscape  In the case of The K from Aichi Prefecture

So that we can do anything in one place.

In the place where everyone is.
It’s like a one-story house.

I had that image when I built this house.

Now, the second floor has become a children’s room
Until last summer, we didn’t use it and we all lived in the living room and the bedroom next door.

Have a meal in the living room, study, take a bath,
In the bedroom next door, lay out a futon and sleep together.

When these kids were still small
There were times when the two became ill at the same time.
At that time, I put these children on both sides and took care of them all the time.

Well, it was hard.

I was doing it in a mess,
These children didn’t even try to leave.

I had a lot of time to spend together
I think again.


When I have time, I sit on the steps and look out.
I like to see the green swaying in the wind.

The pigeons built a nest on the olives in the garden.
It’s fun to watch it.

I was worried that it would be okay in the storm yesterday,
The chicks were hatching today.

Oh, I’m glad.


When we first visited the site
The carpenter was making stairs out of wood.
How beautiful it is when the soft sunlight comes in there.

It ’s not the beauty of the exhibition,
The beauty of itself.

When we move in, rather than joy
We were desperate to get rid of the pile of cardboard.

The kids are still small and they’re running around.

We were able to live almost in a week.

When I think about it now, it was a very fun and fulfilling day.


Actually, I have seen many house makers.

However, all of them I just couldn’t agree at the very end.

At that time, I came across Mrs. Wakabayashi’s book.
“The real house I finally met”
Oh, this is it.

When the house was completed, it smelled like wood and it was already comfortable.
I was really looking forward to going home from the new job location on the weekend.

I still buy cake and then go home.

Because everyone is looking forward to it


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