Floor plans and how to build a house that suits your life

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In recent years, the patterned “LDK” has become the mainstream, the family’s life is adjusted to that shape.

“LDK” is an abbreviation for living room, dining room, and kitchen. For example, write 3LDK or 5LDK. The number is the number of private rooms. The “LDK” living room, dining room, and kitchen are usually make independently . Japanese houses are small, so if you make LDKs independently, each one will be very small.

Originally, the floor plan should be suitable for your life.

Therefore, we decided to create a floor plan that matches the life of the family.

We named it HIROGARIKUUKAN , it means large space. It is also a name with the idea that the family will be relaxed and the life will be enriched and generous.

HIROGARI KUUKAN has combined the living room, dining room and kitchen, which had been made as independent spaces, into one space.

One of the factors that establishes HIROGARIKUUKAN is the thermal environment. In a space where it is hot or cold, the temperature difference is extremely large, or it is too dry or damp, you cannot expect a very rich and generous life in HIROGARIKUUKAN.

Since 1977, we have been proposing a healthy house that solves such problems by building a house with flowing air.

As a matter of course, we have taken it for granted that we are strong against earthquakes in building a house, so please be assured of that point.


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