For remodeling, let’s design it according to your own living and sensibility.

Remodeling requires more careful design and construction.
It can be said that it is more difficult than making a new house.

Full-scale remodeling that is healthy and reassuring is a difficult task.

From checking existing buildings
Remodeling design that makes use of the house,
How to choose natural materials,
Techniques for extending the life of renovated house,
It can’t be done it unless you’re building a house always from that perspective.
And it can’t be relieved unless the craftsmen are conscientious and have full-fledged skills.

Naturally, designers are also required to have a wealth of remodeling experience.

In that sense, it is difficult to select a remodeling company.

It is the same as a newly built custom-built house in that it is packaged and has less freedom in major companies.
Even though the carpenter is good at it, he is worried about his design ability and new technology.
Many design firms are worried about inexperience.

We are a group of people (designers and craftsmen) who have the technology cultivated in building a PAC house that “touches the flowing air”
And provides the same high-quality remodeling as the PAC house.

in Japanese
A relaxing space with high-quality natural materials and a well-ventilated floor plan
Renovation of light, wind and natural materials


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