From “buying a house” to “building a house”

It may seem outdated, I have been insisting that build a house that only carpenters can build.

First, ask the carpenter to look at the blueprint, if he looks annoying and disgusting, he can’t make a good house.

Even a carpenter who used to build a house that was very particular about it looks like that.

I think it’s because he’s been doing a work that does not require technical skills for a while and has gotten used to it.

Similarly, a carpenter who is doing a job that could not make the best use of his skill, but if he want to do that work someday , when he look at the blueprint, he will say pleasantly “Oh, I want to do this job.”

A carpenter who does only convincing work, with a small number of people, without changing his thoughts.

House building is supported by these carpenters.

When it comes to the completion of framework such a carpenter’s construction site, this is also wonderful.

The carpenters with similar thoughts will work together in a perfect teamwork to the completion of framework.

Like attracts like, the world is not that bad.

This not only connects with fellow carpenters, but also with craftsmen of various occupations.

The carpenter who was helped in the previous completion of framework will be the master carpenter at the next construction site, and then this time, the master carpenter at the previous site will help to the completion of framework.

If that happens, the craftsmen will no longer be called by job type, and they will be Mr. 〇〇. It is strange to call by job type, and I think that calling by name is the original form.

The peaceful site, the beautiful site, and the site reflect the attitude of people involved in building a house and the spirit of building a house. Especially, the site where the craftsmen are having fun working is very warm. Therefore, I would like to continue to stick to building a house that spares no effort and time.

However, laborious work costs money. The rest depends on how you spend your money. I want you to put the weight of money on craftsmanship first.

Building a house requires various considerations from both the soft and hard sides, and moreover, we have to look ahead for years or even decades.
We have to be careful not to make a mistake in how to make a house or select materials so that the house does not rot and the human body and nerves do not get sick.

This prudence and strict eyes also may deny the goodness of handmade products.

As long as it is made by hand on site, it cannot be as accurate as a product made at a factory.

When solid wood is used for the floor, even if the board is made under proper control such as drying, it will expand and contract to some extent, and if various conditions are met, it will make a squeak noise.

If the fittings are handmade, they will not move smoothly depending on the season and will need to be adjusted. With factory-produced new building materials such as doors and frames, there is little concern.

The taste of handmade products cannot be exactly the same. Even the wood used, all solid wood has a different look. Moreover, solid wood has a natural character of cracking and it’s dimensions change. If you don’t like it, you end up using laminated wood, factory-assembled panels, and even stopping wood and turning it into an iron or concrete house.

If you want a ready-made product with the same color and material, a house made by collecting industrial products, or a house that has almost the same image as the one you saw in the catalog or exhibition hall,
Your select would be to buy a house.

We will guide you through as many construction, completed and resident homes as possible until you decide to build a home.
We have an opportunity for you to see and experience what kind of house we are building, its construction level, and the materials used, and to hear advice from those who actually built it.

And, the longer we spend with each other, the more we can understand each other’s ideas, and it will help each other to judge whether or not the basic attitude toward home building matches.

The floor plans, specifications, and designs are not the same, and even if wood is used in the same way, various personalities will appear depending on how to assemble the structure, columns, and beams.
If you want your home to be as uniform as an industrial product, it’s not about building individual homes on order.

A house created by the hands of many people, the thoughts of each person are transmitted, and invisible spirit and power are created.
I would like to continue to make houses with such feelings, each with a different face and a different personality.

book From the real house I finally met 2003.12
Reiko Wakabayashi (2008.9 deceased)


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