Get used to poison too

Human functioning is amazing.
We can get used to hard and painful things.
We can dream in the midst of adversity.
It’s an amazing thing, but perhaps a side effect of this is that our bodies also become accustomed to poison.

It seems to me that the story that ninja gradually familiarized their bodies with poison from an early age in preparation for poisoning, and made their bodies immune to the lethal doses of ordinary people, is not entirely false.

Even if the lethal dose increased as the body became accustomed to the poison, the poison would not be replaced by nutrients.
The point is that the body has been coaxed and tricked into becoming insensitive to the poison.

In other words, it is a slow suicide.
In the past, people’s life expectancy was quite short, and they probably didn’t even think of living long as ninjas.

Many of our modern homes are built with materials, building materials, and adhesives that are heavily laden with chemicals.
It may be an exaggeration to call them poison, but we should not give up on the fate of modern people to live in a space of diluted poison.


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