Health to cherish the invisible place

It is no exaggeration to say that what builds and supports health lies in what is invisible rather than in appearance and superficial elements.

Even if you think about human health. No matter how much you wear makeup or what you wear, you will not be healthy.

The inside of the body such as the five viscera, the brain, nerves, lymph, and muscles is important, and of course, the state of the mind is also very important.

If you are healthy from the core of your body and from the depths of your heart, it will shine brightly and healthily.

The same will be true for housing. Many healthy homes only look good, but that doesn’t mean they are really healthy.

Building a house that emphasizes design and puts the appearance first will not make a healthy house.

The human skeleton corresponds to the framework of a wooden house, that is, structural materials such as foundations, columns, and beams.

Osteoporosis in humans corresponds to the decay of structural materials. It is also common that it occurs unknowingly in an invisible place. It’s a scary story.

In order to live vigorously and actively until death, I want the bones to be strong to the end.

The house is different from human beings, and the skeleton of the house can be held in hundreds of years depending on how it is handled. Taking on such challenges will become even more important in the coming era.

The main invisible part of building a house is the structure. Starting from the foundation, the main material is the foundation, columns, and beams.

Recently, there is also a chemical problem. Formaldehyde, which is mainly used as an adhesive for laminated wood and plywood, is also invisible to the eye.

Some may think that these problems can be solved by changing the materials used to make the house, but that’s not all.

For example, change structural materials such as foundations, columns, and beams to solid wood instead of laminated wood. If you select a material that does not contain formaldehyde or a solid board for the interior material, it seems that the case is settled, but it is not so simple.

Solid wood is a very nice material, but the environment in which it can perform its intended performance is limited. It lives only when it is used in a well-ventilated state close to nature. In a confined environment, breathing is impaired and rot fungi are more likely to grow.

On the contrary, if it is placed in a well-ventilated place, the wood can be kept dry, the rotting fungus does not come into play, and the life span is significantly extended.

Also, as with any job, it’s never a good job to pay attention to only what you can see from the surface and the finish. The process that does not appear on the table is important. Building a house is exactly the same. It is important to be careful where you hide.

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