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The word holistic is quite difficult.

It’s often referred to as “comprehensive, integrated, and whole-personal,” but it’s not clear what it is.

I think the word holistic applies regardless of the field, but the genre of medicine is probably the most used nowadays.

To put it simply, holistic medicine considers human beings not only at the level of the body and mind but also at the level of the soul, and considers that it is the role of the doctor to bring out the natural healing power of the patient themselves, not only in Western medicine.

Comprehensive selection and integration of many appropriate alternative therapies such as psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, natural therapy, and exercise therapy, aiming for self-realization by making patients aware of the meaning of their own illness, and further self-healing ability It is to improve and deal with the illness.

Here, the protagonist of curing the disease is the patient themselves and the doctor is in charge of assisting it.

In that sense, the Bach Flower Remedies, which are highly regarded around the world, can be said to be synonymous with holistic therapy.

In addition, Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu is involved in the Japan Holistic Medical Association, which states that holistic health is “a good balance of mind, body, and environment, and a state of obtaining the best quality of life under given conditions. It is defined as a more positive state in which “the state of being” is considered to be healthy.

This is very interesting and applies exactly to the PAC homes I have been pursuing since 1977.

“Housing is the closest and smallest environment in which humans live. The housing itself, which is the environment, must be healthy.

And a healthy house is to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of the resident.

PAC stands for Passive Air Cycle, which was realized a house that touches the air flowing.

It is a passive solar house suitable for the climate of Japan.

PAC is a truly holistic healthy housing that realizes it with comprehensive and integrated housing construction technology.


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