House building fails without a “face-to-face relationship”

Japanese page

“Face-to-face relationship” This is a very important keyword.

You can see the faces of the resident and the maker.

You can see the faces of everyone involved.

There are many people and building materials that are actually directly involved in building a house, such as carpenters, plasterers, wood and building materials, equipment, interiors and exteriors.

If you add people related to sales such as material / equipment producers, trading companies and wholesalers who provide them, the number will be enormous.

Such companies and organizations have directors as well as managers. Ideally, you should be able to see the faces of everyone involved, but that’s not really possible.

The big point is whether the company you are requesting has a similar or the same feeling about building a house.

A big factor is whether the manager, the person in charge, the designer, the construction manager, and the carpenter, plasterer, and other people involved in building your house can feel the common feelings.

It is the construction site where you can directly feel these things. I think it’s important to visit as long as you have the opportunity not only in the office but also under construction, completion site, resident’s house.


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