How to remodel a building to extend its life and make its residents healthy.

The era of full-scale remodeling is finally here.

Until now, the building was demolished and a new house was built in just 20 to 30 years, but from now on, the way of remodeling will be became an issue, such as how to make the building live longer and live comfortably.

Conventional remodeling has a strong element of doing make-up, such as repainting the roof and outer walls, replacing the old kitchen , and then replacing the wallpaper.

It’s nice to be clean, but if you’re going to live in for decades after remodeling, you’ll have to rethink your remodeling a bit more fundamentally.

Before remodeling, I would like you to think again what a home is.

Living room is a place where we spend our time privately, a personal environment. Remodeling will be required that make a space that protects us, contributes to our health, is as comfortable as possible, and allows us to live in harmony with our family.

From that point of view, it is no different from the elements required for a new custom-built house.

To put it simply, the problem with modern home building is that from an open-type home that is suitable for rainy and humid climates to become a closed building for warmth of winter with heat insulation and airtight.

The result is atopic dermatitis caused by house dust, chemical sensitivity due to additives in building materials, less contact with the family due to the floor plan full of private rooms, and the space to live is small even though the floor space is large. A strange turmoil continues.

Humans are said to be creatures of environmental, but I think homes are the same.

The way homes should be depends on the country. The climate is different, the traditional culture of living is different, the family is different. I think that a house is indigenous to the locality and living.

The same goes for remodeling, and Japan should have a method suitable for Japan’s climate. On top of that, I think we should devise something that suits each individual’s life and sensibility.

In that sense, the most important factor in Japan is “humidity.”

And speaking of modern problems, the problem of “contamination by chemical substances” such as building materials.

And, it is important “a sense of space that not too close, not too far.”

Based on this, we should design that suits the sensibilities of individuals and their families.


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