I want to live in a warm house, but I don’t like the heat in summer

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I want to live in a house that is warm in winter and cool in summer. I think it’s quite natural.

Old Japanese houses were cool in the summer but very cold in the winter. Modern airtight and highly insulated homes have become warmer in winter but hotter in summer.

Also, since warmth and coolness are derived from the senses, it is difficult to express what it feels like in words. Different people feel differently. The way you feel depends on your physical condition at that time.

There are also pleasant warmth and coolness in nature and artificial warmth and coolness by machines.

Under such circumstances, I would like to consider the warmth and coolness required of modern homes.

A house is a vessel for residents.

I think the technology for building a house is to prepare the vessel in an environment that is comfortable to live in. There are various technologies, but here I would like to think about warmth and coolness.

Feel warm and feel cool, which varies greatly from person to person. Still, to feel warm and to feel cool is relative feeling.

If you enter the house from the very cold outside, you may feel warm or even hot. On the contrary, if you enter the house from the hot outside, you will feel cool. Still, when you stay in the house for a while, you still feel cold and hot.

Warm and cool is a vague feeling that changes greatly even in the state of human beings at that time. Based on that ambiguity, there are likely to be several keywords for the warmth and coolness of the house. Let’s line up the basics.

“Don’t overdo it”

It’s an era when machines can make the inside of a house hot or cold. Self-control is required not to be too warm and not too cool.

“Adjust yourself”

Even family members have different sensations. Rather than relying entirely on adjusting the temperature of the house, we need to adjust ourselves by wearing clothes.

“Natural warmth and coolness”

We seek the warmth and coolness of nature, not the forced warmth and coolness of machines.

PAC housing has pursued such warmth and coolness.


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