I want to live spaciously, but that doesn’t mean I live in a big house.

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How big is the house?

It is considered that the bigger one is better.

However, that cannot be said that so. Recently, there are many cases where it is too big and can’t handle it well . You used to live in a large family, but now many people live alone.

The desire to live spaciously and comfortably is common, but that is not directly proportional to the physical size of the house.

Some houses have a large building area, but for some reason they are cramped. Rather, there may be more homes that feel that way. In that case, the relationship between the building area and the comfort of life seems to be weak.

I’m sure there are many people who want to live in a large house, but that doesn’t mean that they want a physically large house, but that they want to live a spacious, rich and comfortable life.

One of the difficult things to consider when building a house is that the number of family members living together changes over time.

After 10 years , a child who was a junior high school student when you built the house become an adult and may have left the house or his parents who lived together may have passed away.

At that time, there are many houses where the children’s room and parents’ room are left unused and become storage rooms. Even in the daytime, the shutters are closed and there are several private rooms in the house that remain dark, and such lonely sights are increasing.

Generally speaking, it seems that while raising a child, feel small , and after the child becomes independent, a room that is not used is created, and unable to handle it well .

If the house cannot keep up with the changes in life over time, the useful life of the house will be shortened. In fact, there was official data that many Japanese houses were rebuilt about 25 years old after construction. It’s too wasteful for a house to be rebuilt in about 25 or 30 years.

If it is a custom-built house, it is desirable to be able to continue to inhabit for generations 100 or 200 years if you want it like that.

To do so, we need at least the following three elements.

A flexible floor plan that can respond to changes in living and the number of family members living in it.

How to build a house that can cope with the climate characteristics of Japan, where it is rainy and humid for a long time.

A house that can smoothly perform the maintenance required over time.

We have been pursuing such home building for over 40 years.

That is realized in PAC housing.