If our bones are rotten, we are able to be healthy?

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Is it the bone that is unexpectedly ignored in the human body even though it is important?

To express physical condition sick, I wouldn’t say that my bones are a little sick. However, in our daily diet, it is definitely decided whether or not we can keep healthy bones forever.

When the body becomes deficient in calcium, it is replenished with calcium from the bones.

The bones don’t complain of pain, but they become brittle. It’s a condition like so-called osteoporosis.

Whenever an elderly person falls, they fracture almost always. When my mother was in her mid-70s, I just went shopping with my niece during the summer vacation, went home, opened the front door, surprisingly my mother is upside down.

I thought my mother had collapsed from a brain disease.
When I looked into my mother’s face, she said, “I can’t move for three hours.” Actually, at this time, I thought it was just a bruise.

However, when I called my sister, she said, “It’s definitely broken somewhere, call an ambulance right away.” After all it was a femur fracture.

According to an ambulance worker, if an elderly person falls, they will have a fracture of almost , and although it is mostly a leg, if they falls with their hand, they will break their hand.

Fortunately, she was conscious and didn’t hit her head, but I was prepared for the worst situation, because I heard that elderly person often be wheelchair, bedridden, dementia, etc. due to a broken bone.

Until she died, she recovered to the point where she did not interfere with her daily life, but only she lived like walking near the house.

It isn’t painless, and although it looks healthy, it’s gradually eroded, and it’s irresistible to be broken with a slight impact. Even though the internal organs are very healthy, it could be a wheelchair.

It has a solid skeleton and exerts its basic functions of walking and moving for the first time. And walking stimulates the brain and keeps the body in balance.

The part that corresponds to the human bone is the structural material of the house. If this structural material is weak, it will lose its balance due to some impact, and it will be distorted like a fracture because it cannot withstand the load. This is not a story at all.

As with the human body, structural materials such as foundations, columns, and beams are almost invisible once the house is completed. It’s easy to see if the outer wall is cracked, the walls and floor inside the room are dirty, or the the joinery are out of order.

What shouldn’t be happening is that this invisible structural material rots.

It’s scary because the buildings that are just like asked to rot the wood are being built one after another.

Moisture-sensitive structural plywood nailed houses and panel assembly houses made of surprisingly thin materials are common.

I wonder what the making side is thinking. After all, it is whispered that steel frames and concrete are better because wooden structures are weak.

The house of Japanese conventional frame construction method is not structurally weak.
But if the design balance is poor, if cut-out work, if it relies only on architectural hardware, if it does not have a frame with proper joints ,it will be weak.

Moreover, if the flow of air would be stopped by the heat Insulation around structural material and if there is moisture there, the conditions for rotting wood are almost complete.

There are several homes that give strength by the walls, but none are so weak in terms of rotting.

First the floor of the first floor, the wall of the first floor, the floor of the second floor, the wall of the second floor and finally the roof, that the panel method that assembles from the bottom. This must be made in the dome and not wet with rain until the roof is covered and the outer wall is completed.

If it rains before the roof is covered, you should be prepared for a tragedy. Similarly, a house that nails structural plywood to the framework will have major problems if the structural plywood itself contains water due to rain.

Steel-framed house, which is also vulnerable to condensation.

Anyway, the problem is that the material with good thermal conductivity, the heat bridge, where the outside and the inside of the heat insulating material are connected, for example, when it is cooled by the outside air in winter, the steel frame inside becomes cold immediately, and If the moist air in that part touches, it will condense.

In summer, a concrete house that condenses on the cold air at night or the part cooled by a cooler.

This may have a strong structure. However, due to its large heat capacity, concrete stores heat in the summer and cold in the winter unless it is used for external insulation, which makes it even more difficult in terms of thermal environment. I think there are many people who are troubled by the problem of humidity.

In any case, please be aware that the most important part of building a house is the structure itself, where you cannot see it.

If a skilled carpenter assembles it in solid wood with a balanced design and neat traditional joints, there is no such strong structure.

There is a history that easy construction methods have emerged, such as obligatory architectural hardware and solidification of the structure without the need for technology, because this natural thing has become impossible.

Lastly, I would like you to devise ways to keep in touch with the flowing air so that the structural materials will not rot no matter how well the structure is built.

Don’t forget to check if it has a healthy frame, not only on makeup of the completed house.

Reiko Wakabayashi (2008.9 deceased)
Book “From the real house I finally met”


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