Increasingly unhealthy houses, people, and minds

The number of people who are interested in diet, exercise and health continues to increase.

There are many voices calling for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and a return to nature.

Yet, somehow, the earth and humans are not getting healthier as we would like.

It is very difficult to live a healthy body, head and mind until death.

Decreased biorhythms, tiredness, friction in relationships, either way a long human life, and sometimes inertia.

I believe that building a house is the greatest opportunity to be aware of death and to seriously question the future of life.

With health as our theme, we want to continue to create comfortable houses by looking at our daily lives together.

This article was written in 1994, but the content seems to still apply as of 2013.12.

The tragedy of the nuclear power plant on March 11 showed us the danger that the earth could easily become an uninhabitable planet if we make a mistake.
It is definitely a warning that our economically-centered way of life is reaching its limits.

The keyword “health” makes me think about how essential it really is.
If we pursue our personal health to the fullest, we will come to the existence of the mind, body, and invisible soul. The food, air, and water that nourish them can only be found in an inherently clean environment.

The earth, forests, rivers, and oceans have been invaded to this extent. Humanity should be facing the final challenge of restoring the environment to a state where humans can live in good health, but looking at the political and economic trends, I strongly feel that we are still walking a tightrope centered on the economy.

From the book by Reiko Wakabayashi, “The Real House I Finally Found.


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