Independence and dignity   It’s a holistic companion

Independence and dignity   It’s a holistic companion

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Independence and dignity.
The meaning of this word was taught by the owner of a company that has been supporting people with disabilities, who is also a resident of a PAC house with flowing air.
The equipment that supports people with disabilities has made considerable progress these days.

However, he said the emphasis tends to be on making it easier for the caregiver and tends to lack compassion for people with disabilities.
I listened to what it meant.

From the bottom of my heart, every human being wants to help someone.

The same is true for people with disabilities. They don’t want to be just being taken care of.

At the very least, they want to do themselves what they can , and in some way, they have a deep-rooted desire to help others.

Considering that thought, it is necessary to have a sense of not overdoing it. In some cases, the equipment may not be large-scale, but the handrail alone may be sufficient.

It is necessary to have a mechanism that is close to the mind, not just the body of the disabled.

That is “independence and dignity.”

Of course, it has a bigger meaning in society, but I took it as the starting point of human beings to value the instinct of wanting to help others.

I think this is a necessary element for all relationships, not just people with disabilities.

Two-way, not one-way.

Not the side to be provided only.
Not the side to offer only.
Relationships that are offered or provided to each other.

The relationship between teaching and being taught, not just the teaching side and the taught side.
This bidirectionality would be the essence of all relationships.

Good couples are learning from each other no matter how old they are.

Parents are often taught by their children.

The president often learns from employees.

The teacher is taught by the students.


A relationship that only get taken care of and a relationship that only make care of .

A relationship that only teaches and a relationship that only is taught.

A relationship that only be loved and that a relationship only love.

There is no relationship in any relationship that there is only one direction.

If you misunderstand it as a one-way street, the relationship will not work and will not last long.

If you understand this interactivity, relationships will be very successful.

I want to be looking at the human figure that should be.


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