Invisible places are important

The keyword is “touch the flowing air”

Exterior insulation to allow air to flow throughout the building.

Passive air cycle ,PAC for short are premised on external insulation that completely covers the building in order to allow air to flow through the entire building.

When it was first born in 1979, it was an era when even the word external insulation did not exist.

The purpose of letting air flow through the entire building is

1.All structural materials such as foundations, pillars, beams, and joists, and roof rafters are exposed to “flowing air” all year round to extend the life of the wood and achieve a long life.

2.In winter, the coldness of the entire building is removed by the heat of the sun to create a healthy space that eliminates the temperature difference of the entire building.

3.In the summer , envelop the entire building with the coolness of the outside cold air and at night to create a refreshing space that does not rely solely on the cooler.

4.To maintain the humidity of the entire building appropriately with flowing air and natural materials with humidity control performance, and to realize the health of the building and the residents at the same time.

5.A system that keeps the entire building in a uniform space allows for free layout, such as a spacious space without a central corridor or a large atrium above the living room, and removes design restrictions due to the thermal environment.

However, even with exterior insulation, there are walls that cannot be overcome simply by insulating the building.

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