It is difficult to build a healthy house with only natural materials

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Thinking before natural material remodeling, natural material renovation.

Just using natural and additive-free materials does not make a healthy home

Human health is also made up of various factors such as diet, exercise, environment, stress, mental state, and relationships.

Similarly, a healthy house is made up of a combination of various factors such as construction methods, floor plans, materials, feelings of the people involved, and the way of life of the people who live.

Natural and additive-free materials are just a small part of it.

If you use natural materials, you should at least consider the following.

Typical natural materials are solid wood and real plaster, but these natural materials need to be used alive.

What does it mean to use it alive?

If it is not used in a place where it can be exposed to the flowing air or where it can breathe, rotting fungi can easily grow and mold and mites can be attracted.

If that happens, what happened in the past will be repeated again.

There was a time when there were many newspaper articles saying that the cause of atopy and allergies was at home.

At that time, solid wood and tatami mats were used. Mites and molds grew there, causing atopic dermatitis.

It was an era when the airtightness of houses began, but measures against humidity were not taken.

As a measure against mold and mites, natural materials such as solid wood and tatami mats are no longer used, and they are replaced with so-called building materials, which are industrial products, and pesticides and chemical substances such as fungicides are added to the products.

And this time, the additive caused the problem of multiple chemical sensitivity. It is a sick building syndrome.

Eventually, the technology to eliminate the odor of the pesticides and chemical substances was developed, and the odor was no longer felt, and the problem became more serious as it was latent.

In any case, in order to prevent mold and mites from forming on natural materials, it is necessary to adhere to the original principle of using natural materials in a well-ventilated place.


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