It is so horrible that eliminate the smell of additives.

Eliminate the smell of added chemicals, it’s so horrible.

The progress of chemicals is remarkable. Chemicals are like ninjas, trying to eliminate any sign of their presence.
Mosquito coils, insect repellents, and insecticides, they are eliminating odors of themselves.

Our sense of smell also functions as a sensor to protect ourselves.
The removing the odor from something dangerous feels like a malicious intent to block the function of that sensor.

The smell, the stink, the pungency, the rotten smell… people can sense danger from these things.

It plays an important role as an odor sensor to protect us from the harmful effects of overuse of insecticides and mothballs.

I wonder if drug manufacturers are developing products that are odorless so that they will not be detected by such odor sensors and aim to expand sales of their products.

The same ninja seems to be at work in the materials, building materials, and adhesives used in home construction. Even natural materials have that ninja activities.

Natural materials need to be used alive.

If it is not used in a place where it can breathe and be exposed to flowing air, it will easily breed decay fungi and attract mold and mites.

If that happens, it’s the same old story.

The cause of atopic dermatitis and allergies was found in the house.
As a countermeasure, pesticides and chemical substances such as fungicides were used in building materials to prevent mold and mites, which led to the problem of chemical sensitivity.

Nowadays, technology has been developed to eliminate the odor of pesticides and chemicals, so that the smell is not perceptible, making the problem more serious than it was before.

In any case, as a general rule, natural materials should be used in well-ventilated areas to prevent mold and mites.

Since most of them are not used in well-ventilated areas it is not uncommon for natural materials to contain pesticides and chemicals.

The problem is becoming more and more complex.


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