Learn through home building

Living is a series of learning.

People grow and fall due to various events in their lives. Building a house is one of the big things in your life, and if you take it seriously, you can learn a lot through building a house.

Since it is a special chance to build a house, you would better to make it a place for learning to make not only the house but also the vessel as a human being.

Let’s think about what you can learn through building a house.

Look at yourself, know yourself.

I think it is essential to keep an eye on yourself, your words and actions, and your heart in order to improve yourself and make your life rich and fruitful. The inability to see or understand oneself significantly impedes one’s growth.

Building a house is the greatest opportunity to look again yourself and each family member.

Behaviors in the house from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, for example, the contents of meals, whether it is a Japanese style dining table or a chair type dining table, whether the toilet usage time does not overlap, where the child is studying, each hobby.

Whether the couple’s bedrooms are the same or different, furniture, tableware and other living tools …

Unless you carefully look at the way you live your daily life, including family relationships, you will not be able to create a floor plan that matches your actual life, or select equipment and materials accurately.

Since everyday life is unexpectedly and unconsciously done, it is not uncommon for people to make plans that are far from the actual living conditions of themselves and their families and find it not so comfortable to live.

In order to build a house that does not fail, it is necessary to grasp the actual situation of the family’s life, but take this opportunity to take another step and look inside one’s heart and observe the psychological relationship of the family. If you can recognize the importance of and become a habit, you will be promised a richer way of life.

Life is a relationship.

There are endless relationships such as family relationships, relationships with people in the neighborhood or company, relationships with society, relationships with pets, and relationships with nature.

Amid in that relationship, living while learning would be life.

Building a house is an opportunity to awaken to the importance of looking deeply and quietly at yourself and your relationships.

Get to know the golden mean.

I think that one of the secrets of living is the golden mean. However, our golden mean is half-hearted, Incomplete, anticlimax, add and divide by 2, and compromised.

I think that one of the secrets of living is the golden mean. However, our golden mean is half-hearted, incomplete, anticlimax, add and divide by 2, and compromised. It will be an attitude that it doesn’t matter.

The golden mean may teach you to go the right way without being biased or extreme, but it’s hard to tell what the golden mean is. It’s easy to run from extreme to extreme, or get stuck in trouble.

In order to promote a healthy home by taking into account all the floor plans, construction methods, windows, materials, equipment, budget, etc., this golden mean heart is required.

Let’s enjoy learning the spirit of the golden mean which is the secret of life, while building a house.

Zero, MU 無 in Japanese

The secret of the secrets. Knowing Zero is very difficult for us ordinary people. If life is Zero, we will not know why we are alive.

However, we can realize that our desires are endless, and everyone wants to avoid drowning in the quagmire of desires.

If this desire is completely abandoned, you may feel a sense of Zero, but when be building a house, your dreams will grow too much, and you will become obsessed with your desires, and you will not be able to see the reality.
But, at least, we want to avoid getting jerky.

Not being swayed by desires and not wanting too much may be a milestone that lives toward nothing in both home building and relationships.

Both the golden mean and Zero should be deep inside you.

In order to find it, it is necessary to have a way of life that keeps staring at oneself, consciously and unconsciously, moment by moment.

I hope that building a house is a way to discover the essential and unknown things in you.


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