Let’s realize the health of the resident and house even in remodeling

We are entering an era in which a proper philosophy is required for house remodeling.
It’s no longer valid for ad hoc work.

Since 1977, PAC has been pursuing passive home building that does not rely on machinery and equipment to protect the health of buildings and residents, with the theme of housing health.

The basis of building a house is concentrated on “touching the flowing air”, but with the same philosophy as the new construction, we are proposing remodeling of the house. Not only for detached houses, but also for skeleton remodeling of condominiums, we provide technology to “touch the flowing air”.

This is the definition of healthy housing that was advocated over 30 years ago.
A healthy house protects and promotes the health of the people who live there and at the same time the health of the building itself.
“Healthy Housing Declaration” in 1983.

The “Healthy Housing Declaration” proposed building a house that realizes the health of the residents and the building itself.

Human health is mental and physical health,
Building health is long-lasting durability and flexible floor plan.
Durability means that the building does not rot easily.
Flexible floor plan is a layout that can withstand the passage of time.
This idea of ​​healthy housing also applies to full-scale remodeling.


The basics are the same for new construction and remodeling.
House is the most familiar environment, and that environment must be healthy and reassuring.
A healthy and secure living environment can never be realized in a house that emphasizes mechanical equipment and makeup.

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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