Let’s stop and think about it before making it a separate bedroom for the couple

Humans can confirm their existence by being interested and staring at them.

In a common place of life at home, I think that a husband’s attention to small changes in daily life is the same as having an interest in his wife.

If the husband shows interest in the meals the wife makes every day, it will be worthwhile to be creative.

Flowers, pictures, vessels, and his wife changed her hairstyle, wear something new.

Isn’t terribly insensitive to each of these things?


If the husband are insensitively to their home affairs, it can be perceived that he may be less interested their relationship of the mind.

Let’s turn the feelings a little that you had toward your husband toward yourself.
And do good to yourself.
The couple’s separate bedroom is not bad if you have feeling like that.

Reiko Wakabayashi from book


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