Living wall, living house

If you aim for a healthy house.
I wish the house itself was alive.
A PAC house born from the honest feeling.

If you compare a healthy house to the human body

Breathing house

Cutaneous respiration house

Blood flowing house

House with nerves

House with a heart

It is the PAC house that these exist not as equipment but as the function of the building itself.


⇒ Spacious floor plan, Ventilation in the wall

Cutaneous respiration

⇒  Inhale and exhale humidity, Smell removal with using natural materials

The cavity around the room is a blood vessel

⇒ Air flows to balance temperature and humidity 

The air in the wall is nerve

⇒ Instantly judge whether the temperature and humidity are high or low

The air in the wall is the heart

⇒ Warm air is light and rises, cold air is heavy and falls   The role of the pump that moves the air itself

The most distinctive feature of PAC housing is that the health and comfort of the house is achieved on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the room.

In a general house, the room temperature is controlled by directly heating or cooling the room air with an air conditioner, etc., but in a PAC house, the temperature of the floor, wall surface, and ceiling of the room is controlled.

Humidity is similar.

In ordinary houses, dehumidifiers and humidifiers work directly on the indoor air, but in PAC houses, natural materials with humidity control are used for the base and finishing materials of the floor, walls, and ceiling of the room.

Even in PAC houses, mechanical equipment is used as a supplement, but the basic way is to control the temperature of the floor, walls, and ceiling of the room.

Before relying on mechanical equipment, first do as much as possible by devising the layout of the building, how to build it, and the materials used, and even when using mechanical equipment as a complement, it works on the floor, walls, and ceiling of all the buildings. We will devise ways to work on all the spaces in the building.

In addition, when working on the indoor air, we will devise ways to spread it throughout the space inside the building, and consider that the wind from the air conditioner does not directly hit the residents.

Of course, since it is a passive solar house that makes full use of natural energy, even a system that works on the entire building is an extremely energy-saving mechanism.


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