Many of us are living in poison gas.

1994 Accusations.

We’re living in poison gas.

Since we found out that mites were the cause of our allergies, mite killing agents have invaded our house at a very fast pace.

In fact, not only mites, but also insecticides for flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches are all pesticides. Mosquito coils, which somehow remind us of the sentiment of summer, have the same ingredients. It is no exaggeration to say that our homes are now full of pesticides. I’m sure you’ve used it without realizing it.

Many people are becoming more aware of the pesticides used on rice, vegetables and fruits. However, few people may be aware that the same ingredients are used in insecticides and mothballs, which are spread indoors by our own hands.

It is the most commonly used organophosphorus agent among insecticides. They are used in all spray-type products and fumigants. They are probably used quite a bit in households as well.

These organophosphorus chemicals are neurotoxins that paralyze the nerves of insects. However, they are not only harmful to insects, but also to the human nervous system.

Insecticides used in households have been cited as one of the causes of poor eyesight and nearsightedness in children these days. As is the case with poor eyesight, most of us don’t connect headaches and nausea with organophosphorus chemical as the cause.

Neurotoxins were once used by Nazi Germany to kill Jews. Acute poisoning by organophosphorus drugs can even lead to death in severe cases. The fact that they are so easily used in our homes is frightening.

In some apartment buildings, you will see a sign that says, “We are smoking now,” and the owner is not home. It is true that cockroaches in the house are unsanitary, and the sight of those grotesque, shiny black cockroaches is horrifying.

Cockroaches are still visible, but ticks are invisible. If a child were to be bitten by a tick, it is not hard to understand why people would want to use chemicals to get rid of them. It is a battle against an invisible enemy. This is especially true when you don’t know how many ticks are lurking in the air.

However, the fumigant would seep into everything in the room. After that, no amount of ventilation will get rid of it. This may be natural, since the purpose of the fumigant is not only to kill the insects in the room, but also to make it effective against insects that come in later.

However, this is extremely dangerous for toddlers who put everything in their mouths and babies who crawl all over the place.

Accidents involving babies caused by mothballs should not be overlooked. There have been many cases where babies have been taken to the emergency room after putting mothballs in their mouths.

Every household probably uses a mothball, paradichlorobenzene.
In the past, there were round balls hanging in toilets. These days, they come in a variety of fashionable shapes and fragrances.

This paradichlorobenzene is a pretty intense pesticide ingredient. It is an organochlorine pesticide. You may have heard of DDT, which is now banned, but it is in the same family.

It is carcinogenic, causes the birth of malformed children, is teratogenic, accumulative, persistent and fat-soluble and has the harmful effects of pesticides.

The fact that it is fat-soluble means that it can easily penetrate into the cells of the human body.
The fact that DDT, which was used 20 years ago, can still be detected in milk and breast milk seems to be enough to illustrate the horror of accumulation.

In any case, it vaporizes slowly until it loses its solid form and shows its chemical effect.

In the past, when it was time to change clothes, there used to be a lot of people on the train smelling of mothballs. Recently, there are no such people anymore.

It’s horrible that only the smell disappeared while the toxicity remained. More caution should be exercised with odorless mothballs.

In the same way, some household insecticides have lost their smoke while retaining their toxicity.
You may have noticed it.
It is an electric mosquito repellent.
Even when the room is free of mosquitoes, the pyrethroid chemicals soaked into the mat are heated by electric heat and become poisonous gas that drifts around the room. This is also a neurotoxin.

Unexpected poisons in our homes. We use chemicals to kill mites, and the ingredients of the chemicals further damage our health. Isn’t it a vicious cycle?

Reiko Wakabayashi (Deceased on 2008.9)
from the book “Creating a Healthy Home with Positive Thinking” published in 1994


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