PAC housing is the perfect choice for a two-family house!

For the health of grandma and grandpa
For children with atopic dermatitis
For hypersensitive fathers
For mothers who are cold
For families of different generations
to live in a healthy home.
and a long life for the building.
That is PAC’s specialty.

Living in a two-family house can be a daunting task for everyone.

That’s why I think we need to think seriously about the way buildings should be.

If the layout of the house, the materials used to make the house, and the environment of the house, whether it is warm, cool, refreshing, or gloomy, are not good, not only the body but also the mind can become disharmonious, and this can have a negative impact on human relationships.

Since the body and mind are linked, the living environment in which we spend our daily lives is also an extremely important factor in our relationships within the house.

Since a two-family house is a place where men and women of all ages can live together, it is important to have a house construction system that can accommodate a wide range of ages.

A two-family house in a PAC housing has various advantages, including the following.

  No matter where you are in the house, there is no temperature difference, and you can feel safe in the bathroom and even in the toilet at night.

It also eliminates uncomfortable drafts caused by temperature differences between rooms.

PAC have eliminated the cold spots that trigger temperature shock.

  The humidity balance is maintained all year round, neither too damp nor too dry.

It also prevents the formation of house dust such as mold and mites, and is safe for atopic dermatitis.

PAC use solid wood, real plaster, natural glues and eco-friendly cloth, so it is safe and secure for people with hypersensitivity.

It is a passive system that uses solar heat in the winter and cool night air in the summer to create a gentle warmth and coolness throughout the building.

In winter, the PAC’s unique low-temperature radiant heating system, “Kakurenbo,” evenly heats all floors, walls, and ceilings of the building, freeing you from the unpleasant breeze of heating equipment.

Some families even live without air conditioning in the summer. Even if you do use it, this space provides shady coolness with dehumidification and a ceiling fan with 1/f fluctuation.

It has a open layout with good ventilation and light that reaches deep into the house, allowing for plenty of natural blessings to be taken in.

Even though each generation is separated, the layout of each generation is based on the importance of interaction, and the open space is designed to keep the family connected.

By building a house where the people who live in it take the lead, you can create a two-family house that is perfect for your family.

It is a passive solar house that uses natural energy and is friendly to the family, the building, the family budget, and the earth.


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