“Passive=Architectural methods” are the key words  

We want to build essential houses, not just superficial way.

It is one of the hardest things to achieve in today’s society. After all, society itself has drifted far away from the essence.

Building a house, but for many of us today, a house is no longer something we build, but something we buy. We go to exhibition halls, collect huge catalogs, choose what we like from them, and put them together like a puzzle to make a house.

This is the reason why we have lost sight of the essence of house building. We are being led to believe that we are building a house by combining industrial products.

The richness of home-cooked meals can’t be better than when the ingredients are carefully selected, prepared with love, and the dishes are handmade. However, this richness does not necessarily mean that it costs money.

This is the kind of abundance and prosperity that can be achieved right now by switching the channel a little bit, even for people today who are used to instant foods. It’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of feeling.

The same thing can be said about building a house. It’s not so much a matter of money as it is a matter of feeling.

The ease with which you can proceed with house building by visiting exhibition halls and collecting catalogs is just like a convenience store.

The first step to regaining the richness of home cooking is to learn about the meaning of food. The way we eat has a great deal to do with our physical and mental health. Moreover, in this polluted global environment, the conventional wisdom of nutrition is no longer valid.

For example, liver and eggs, which used to be considered a treasure trove of nutrients, most often have toxins of accumulated in the environment.

Marbled meat, many people think it is delicious. But the toxins dissolve more in the fat content. Can you eliminate the fat content of marbling? These dangerous elements are present in all foods. A basic study of them is needed first. Fortunately, for those who study, it is not so difficult nowadays to obtain safe ingredients, etc.

Building a house is no different. First, study. However, it is still difficult to do this just by collecting catalogs from housing exhibitions and manufacturers. Whether it’s food or house building, superficial study is meaningless.

The essence of eating is to take nourish, to eliminate toxins, and to discover the joy of making and sharing food and there is also the joy of cleaning up after.

And house building, the essence of it, lies in these very words.

It’s all in the “making” of house building. The word “making” means to make by hand, as in home cooking.

Modern house building began with an attempt to eliminate “making” as much as possible.

We have changed the meaning of the word to “factory made” instead of “handmade.
It is truly instant food.

“Passive” and “architectural methods” are the roots of making.

Passive is passive solar house passive. The architectural method is exactly how the house is built.

Passive solar is a house that uses natural energy without the use of mechanical equipment. Since it does not use mechanical equipment, the only way to do this is to devise a way to build the house. It is a combination of layout, construction method, and materials. That is the architectural method.

Passive and architectural methods are the same thing. It is precisely this fundamental thing that has been most neglected in modern home building.

Statistical, desk-based plans that do not take into account the lives of individual families, construction methods that ignore the Japanese climate, and construction methods that mainly use steel, concrete, and plywood. Building materials that focus only on mass production in factories and disregard the people who live in them.

Not only do they not emphasize architectural methods, but they also use mass advertising to conceal the essence of their products. This is a shameful time when such houses are stalking the streets. However, no matter how far we go, just like mass-produced foodstuffs, there will always be something that cannot be satisfied by factory production.

Building a solid and satisfying house begins with a fundamental review and assembly of the floor plan, construction methods, and materials used to build it, rather than just piecing together the immediate details with superficial technology.

The start is to recognize and study the importance of architectural and passive methods. In order not to get lost in the maze of house building, you must always proceed with caution, not to stray from the essential view.

Yoshiaki Tanaka
From the book “The Real House I Finally Found”


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