Preface   book ” Luxury house to live in essence “

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It’s been almost two years since I started living in Oyamadai’s house. With the passage of time, the feeling that this space is full of luxury grows. This space is full of only one thing in the world that many craftsmen have made with all their heart to suit our lives.

Nowhere can you find expensive materials such as so-called luxury equipment and furniture, marble and glittering hardware. The real material and the sparkling skill of those who have an attachment to the real material are alive. If you pursue the essence and the real thing thoroughly, you will come across the beauty of bare skin, which is not the beauty of makeup, and the beauty of warmth from the inside.

Many craftsmen such as Mr. Ueda who came from Awaji Island to paint plaster on the ceiling and walls, Toyama furniture who carefully made each one according to the space.
The designers added nice accents with iron handrails and window iron lattices as if to tighten the space.

Each pillar, each joineries, floorings, and tatami mats, the faces of the people who made them all come to mind.

It’s a luxury to see the skill of the carpenter and to know who made each material to build the house. Unlike ready-made products mass-produced by machines, each material gives off a unique expression.

The man, the woman and three dogs who live in this house. I think that the reason why such a wonderful house was created is that the lives of the two of us have finally entered into a time when we can live a life rooted in the essence.

It’s been 28 years since we met each other, there was a great deal of conflict between each other for become from working partner to lifelong companion. Moreover, in terms of work, there was a lot of conflict with the people around me. I think I was too young to pass the essential way of life.

I feel that the conflict between individuals and the history of fighting with others as a fateful community in terms of work have been sublimated by this house building.

A refreshing air that has overcome the fierce mental conflicts of the past is flowing comfortably between the man and the woman who have already crossed the turning point of their lives.

I think that building a house will begin with the process of seriously facing each other in the next 20, 30 or 40 years, and how to reach the end of life. Only when you can draw important things, the comfort that you feel each other, and the common visuals, you can realize a comfortable living.

Recently, there are an increasing number of cases where a couple around retirement age are building a house for the start of their second life. The time when the baby boomer generation will leave the active duty is about to come, and the center that has supported society until now will enter a period of generational change.

From this book, what kind of house is “The luxurious house that lives in essence” for your husband who always lives on the principle of competition and has nothing to do with enjoying a comfortable life and leisure time? I would appreciate it if you could read this book.

The quiet space of Oyamadai wraps our heart freely. And when I am immersed in this space, my sensibilities are mysteriously sharpened. I can hear the voice of nature and the voice of my heart that cannot be expressed in words.

It’s hard to die properly in the abundant space where you live with a nice family, but it’s harder to live properly every day, and if you can live properly, you’ll surely have a wonderful end, a life rooted in more essence.

In writing the preface this time, I read through all the manuscripts. This manuscript was written down little by little after moving in.

As I read it, I was surprised to find that there were several chapters that I couldn’t see whether it was my manuscript or my partner’s. It’s been almost 30 years since we met. It seems that someday the thought patterns have become similar.

Residents of PAC housing cooperated with the manuscript for this publication. I am deeply grateful that I was able to put together this book because I met the owner who is particular about the essence.

1997 Reiko Wakabayashi
She became a deceased in September 2008.


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