Reduce the building area by remodeling but live spaciously

You can make the building itself smaller and renovate it, but you can make the space on the second floor smaller and remove the floor to make it a stairwell.

The space on the first floor also organizes private rooms that are no longer needed and connects them to the atrium as a wider space.

It will be reborn as a large space that is easy to live in.
That space
To be warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer.

Exterior insulation
Air cycle
(Make air flow through the underfloor space, inner wall cavity, and hut space)
It is also possible to provide a heat collecting ventilation layer.

Let’s finish with genuine natural materials.
For example
Solid wood floors / walls / ceilings / real plaster walls / ceilings / eco-cloth with natural glue.

Passive solar with natural materials

It is a healthy remodeling that allows you to live comfortably in an wider space while reducing the area.

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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