From new construction to remodeling


Both houses and condominiums
It seems that the flow of building a house begun to move toward remodeling.

It seems that there is a growing movement not only to remodel the homes in which they currently live, but also to buy second-hand homes and remodel them as they wish.

It extends not only to single-family homes but also to condominiums.

In the past, remodeling was often a partial renovation such as around water in kitchens and bathrooms, but recently, skeleton remodeling, which is a full-scale style that leaves only the skeleton and starts over from the floor plan, is increasing.

It may be in the background of the ecology era of valuing what is still usable, but it is natural to think that the cost will be cheaper than new construction.

Nevertheless, I hear quite a lot of stories that the remodeling so far has spent more money than building a new one.

I didn’t feel like spending that much from the beginning, but when I realized that I was spending much money without knowing.

There may be various reasons why this happened, but there are two main factors.

One is that you have surprised at opening Tamatebako.

That means when I opened it, something unexpected happened. It’s an old Japanese fairy tale.

The second is a chain reaction of wanting to remodel and clean the house one after another.

When I demolished the repaired part, I found rotten parts and termite damage in unplanned parts, and I couldn’t leave it alone.

I didn’t think it was so rotten only two or thirty years after it was built.

I couldn’t stop there, and the repairs spread one after another, which is a story that can’t be laughed at.

As a result of making some places clean and easy to use, I noticed that other spaces were old, dingy and difficult to use, and the remodeling part expanded one after another.

Moreover, since these are, so to speak, unplanned remodeling, it is hard to say that the actual usability and living comfort are satisfied, and it tends to leave only dissatisfaction.

For that reason, the era of new construction and rebuilding has continued for a while, but the situation has begun to change significantly.

With the awakening of the ecological spirit, the trend is that if we do it in earnest in a planned manner, remodeling will be quite good.

In fact, various forms of remodeling work have begun at the request of residents.

There are many requests for remodeling to make a healthy house, or to expand the floor plan of a private room to create a space.


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