Remodeling makes the floor plan easier to use

As for the basics of remodeling, it is necessary to firmly grasp the problems of the current life and floor plan, and to comprehensively consider how to improve the floor plan so that it is easy to use.

Is the current floor plan difficult to use?

For example, private rooms are no longer needed, and although there are many rooms, but they are full of private rooms, forcing a cramped life.


I want to connect rooms.

I want to eliminate the middle corridor and make it wider.

I want to remove the walls of multiple private rooms to create a single space.

I want to make the first floor and the second floor a connected space.


I want to make the stairwell and loft.

Why don’t you make it a spacious space by remodeling?


I want to widen the entrance.

I want to make the door a sliding door.

vice versa

The house is too big and I want to make it smaller.


Seismic retrofitting is also required.

In order to make it easier to live, various ideas are required.

Remodeling the kitchen to upstairs
The living room was moved upstairs by remodeling

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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