Remodeling the floor plan to suit your life

I want to make it easier to use by reforming the floor plan that has become difficult to use due to changes in the number of families and life.

1.Firmly grasp the problems of the current floor plan.

2.Totally consider how to improve.

As a concrete example

1.Move the living room and kitchen upstairs.

2.The bathroom will be on the second floor.

3.Make the entire second floor a connected space.

4.Remove the walls of multiple private rooms to create a single space.

5.Make a atrium.

6.Make a loft.

7.Make the walls and ceiling of the bathroom solid wood.

8. Make the entrance spacious.

9.Turn an empty room into a convenient library, storage space, or hobby room.

10.Turn the door into a sliding door.

11.Set up a music room.


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