Strengthen security with remodeling

Strengthen building security

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The basics of crime prevention can be understood from the standpoint of an intruder.
Witnessed, heard, recorded,
There is a noise when walking or suspicious behavior.
It seems to be difficult to get inside the house.
Keywords are that light, sound, recording, and not be able to invade.
It is also important that be unaware of your absence.

Specific reforms security can be made more secure by combining multiple systems.

Being seen, lighting, recording

1.Lower the fence and exterior.
Even if it is high, it should be transparent in a grid pattern, etc. so that the line of sight can pass through.

2.Do not create or place anything that can be hidden around the building.

3.Install the sensor light.

4.Install an intercom to record the appearance and voice.

5.Install a surveillance camera.

It has nothing to do with remodeling, but it is also important to get close to your neighbors on a daily basis and notice the movements of strangers.

There is a sound

1.There is a sound of opening doors and windows, and there is an alarm.

2.Install ball gravel around the house or in the aisle ⇒ There is a sound when walking.

Make it difficult to invade

1.Make the window slender and narrow. The width that the head does not put in is about 15 cm.

2.Use security glass.

3.Put a design lattice inside the window. Based on the width that the head cannot put in.

4.Make it two-lock.

5.Do not attach the thumb turn (inner knob key).

6.Make it a type that makes it difficult to make a duplicate key.

7.A ventilated blind shutter is attached to the outside.

8.Remove anything that will serve as a foothold for the balcony on the second floor.

9.Place thorny plants around fences and buildings.

Don’t notice that you’re away

Thieves rarely invade involuntarily, and it seems that they are aiming by observing well in advance. So, it is necessary to devise ways to prevent them from noticing that you are not in the house.

1.When it gets dark, the timer will automatically turn on the lights for the approach, the garden, and the room able to seen from the outside.
There is also a type in which the time can be changed for each day of the week.

2.Make the place to dry the laundry invisible from the outside.

3.Make the shutter a type that can be opened with a timer.

4.Even if newspapers and mail are accumulated, devise something that cannot be seen from the outside.


1.Make it impossible to cut the lead-in line to the house.
⇒ Use a pillar able to put wire in and attach a sensor light to it.

2.Introduce a home security system.


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