The ultimate in remodeling

At the same time as the flowing air, the natural material that breathes copes with moisture, thereby eliminating pollution from chemical substances.

When it comes to learning from the wisdom of old house building, how to use materials is wonderful.

Japan has a lot of rain and high humidity, and the climate brings abundant land and forests. From there, wood is harvested and paper is made. Japanese houses have been made of wood, paper and soil. Such materials return to the soil again. A natural cycle has been made.

And the splendor of wood, paper and soil is the ability to regulate moisture. Humidity changes greatly depending on the season and weather, and humidity moves greatly with temperature.

The splendor of wood, paper and soil is that it has a humidity control function that absorb when it is humid and release when it dries.
If you use a lot of such materials in a building, the humidity inside the building will stabilize.
The know-how to utilize the humidity control function of these materials while protecting these natural materials with flowing air is very wonderful.

Wood swells a little when it absorbs moisture and shrinks a little when it exhales moisture.
It is hated because dimensions become out of order , so plywood and laminated wood are now the mainstream.
As a result, it loses its humidity control function, and the harmful effects of the chemical substances in the adhesive are added.
So it has lost the natural feel and the goodness of touch.

The uncomfortableness of recent buildings is largely due to this plywood and laminated wood. As you know, additives such as adhesives have caused multiple chemical sensitivity.

Natural materials such as solid wood are should be used only in the place where be able to breathe, touch the flowing air.
If not used in such places
Moisture remains in wood without the ability to inhale but exhale.
It becomes a hotbed for mold and mites, and eventually rots.
Termites are also more likely to occur.

The wisdom of our ancestors, “touching the flowing air,” speaks for itself.

We have revived that wisdom in modern house building and home remodeling.

To tell you the point,

The building will be completely covered with exterior insulation, air will flow in all walls, and a base material with high humidity control performance will be used, and the building will be finished with natural materials.

The floor plan is spacious and airy, and casual contact with the family is planned.
Based on these ideas, we have been building houses since 1977.
This is useful not only for new construction but also for remodeling.
It is also a great merit that the strength of the structural material can be maintained for a long period of time without rotting.


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