The windless state is irresistible

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The air is flowing, which is important in every situation. I have been working on passive air cycle houses (PAC houses), which are houses with flowing air for about 40 years, and even nowadays, the importance of flowing air is deeply felt. Its value did not diminish over time, and I feel that the value of flowing air will continue to increase in home building and housing.

The opposite state of flowing air is immobile air, that is, no wind. There aren’t many good things in a calm state. Speaking of no wind in society and human relationships, it is reminiscent of a state of stagnation without change, staying without progress, and being calm and safe sounds good but boring.

The stagnant air is also windless. Stagnant air is associated with dirty air and, in some cases, the spread of bacteria.

Speaking of human relationships, I don’t have a good image, for example irresponsibility, and bad-relationships.

Nothing should be stagnant.

We are proud that PAC housing is the first healthy housing in Japan, and the point is “flowing air”.

The health pursued by PAC housing is to achieve the health of residents and the health of the building itself at the same time.

Human health is supported by both mental and physical health, both of which are maintained by “flowing.”

A stagnant state where the mind does not move would be an extremely dangerous situation, and the body is also maintained by invisible flows such as blood flow and lymph flow. Breathing support it, and breathing requires fresh air. “Flowing air” will be the basis of fresh air.

The health of the building is also two. One is hard to rot. Two is to be able to used conveniently even after decades.

Both are associated with “flowing air.” A healthy house is a wooden house and the wooden parts , such as pillars and beams are present in invisible spaces, for example under the floor, in walls, and in such as hut spaces.

The life of these woods depends on the “flowing air”. Wood, which is in constant contact with the flowing air, will live a long life.

Similarly, the floors, walls, and ceilings used inside greatly contribute to health if they are made of real wood.
And if the floor plan is wide and the “flowing air” does not stop in the room, the life of such wood will be greatly extended. It contributes to the health of the residents.


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