To cool the summer with remodeling

Even if you rely only on the air conditioner
It’s hard to get the coolness you want.
After all, it is necessary to think about the entire building.

Remodeling that can be done concretely.
Combine the following methods as needed.

1.Window insulation repair.

2.Thorough solar shading ⇒ It is a general principle to do it outside the window.
Sudare, Yoshizu, external blinds, awnings, etc.

3.Insulation repair of outer wall surface, roof surface, foundation surface

4.Connect the space inside the skeleton (underfloor space, Inner wall cavity, space between the first and second floors, hut space) so that air can flow ⇒ Create a flow of outside air in the space inside the skeleton.

5.Install a ventilation window that can be opened at all times ⇒ Narrow the window width to prevent people from entering.
Also, if you use an opaque glass jalousie window, it is possible to prevent rain from entering and the line of sight.

6.An underfloor ventilation port and a super roof ventilation port that are for PAC housing only are installed. ⇒ Hot air inside the building can be released and cold air at night can be stored inside the building.

7.Install an air conditioner for the purpose of dehumidification ⇒ The dehumidifying capacity of the air conditioner is high.

8.Install a ceiling fan with 1 / f fluctuation that can produce a natural breeze in the living room or bedroom.

9.Make the floor plan well-ventilated.

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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