To get rid of dampness and moisture by remodeling

Relying on air conditioners and dehumidifiers does not work as expected. The entire building needs to be reviewed.

Remodeling that can be done concretely
(If necessary, combine the following methods)

1.Insulation repair of windows.

2.Insulation repair of outer wall surface, roof surface, foundation surface.

3.The space inside the skeleton (underfloor space, inner wall cavity, space between 1th floor and 2th floor , hut space) is connected so that air can flow ⇒ The effect of the air cycle.

4.Use gypsum board with high humidity control performance for the base of floor, wall, and ceiling ⇒12.5 mm thick and non-combustible.

5.Use materials with high humidity control performance for finishing floors, walls, and ceilings ⇒ Solid boards, real plaster that does not contain chemical substances, eco cloth, etc.

6.An air conditioner is installed as a dehumidifying measure in summer.

7.As a measure for winter, floor heating or installation of “Kakurenbo”.

8.Make the floor plan well-ventilated.

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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